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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Just Me...

Whatever happened to customer service?????

Over the past two weeks a series of events has placed me in the hands of several service orgainizations. From repairing my car, to renting a car, to having my garage door repaired (and no Craig, I did not hit the door with my car! ha ha) and finally a hotel stay. Through all of these unrelated events I learned something....for the most part customer service is dead. I have worked in more customer service jobs than I would like to admit and truthfully only once did I have training on how to work with a customer....hmmm that seems odd doesn't it?

Rudeness, disbelief, and helplessness appear to be the new laws of the road for customer service. We have all seen it and all complained of it, but then what do we do about it. The other day I was returning some items to a store, and I was chatting with the gal behind me. She was very pleasant and seemed kind. One of the clerks began helping me and another helped the gal behind me. As she stepped up to the counter I was shocked it was like she had suddenly become possessed. She instantly snarled at the clerk and then began laying out the demands. There were no pleasantries and I could hardly believe this was the same woman I had just been talking to. Then it hit me...how much of the decline in customer service is wrought out of customer's abusing those behind the counter? You may be saying, well I have certainly never been unnecessarily rude. Maybe so, but have you ever stopped to tell a manager when you have had good service? My dad always said if you are not a part of the solution you are a part of the problem.....hmmmm

All of that said, where do we as Christians show light if we fail to encourage, and instead fall into the problem group?

Thursday, July 13, 2006


It is funny how everything in our life hinges on communication. By virtue of my job people communicate their inmost thoughts about their lives for an hour and then want it all fixed. The simplest and yet most complex question ever asked by a therapist in therapy is "Did you tell them how you felt?" Usually the answer is a resonding "no." It intrigues me really, people will struggle, strain, and stress out looking for a solution to a relational problem and 9 times out of 10 it boils down to that dreaded word...communication.

When we were kids it was easy, I either like you or I don't and either way I will tell you exactly what I feel because know one has yet told me that is not polite or may hurt someone's feelings. I will tell you if you hurt my feelings or if you said something to my friend that made her cry and I certainly would not stand for that! The openness of children is priceless.

While I am certainly not advocating that we should be tactless, I am indeed advocating we should follow the exmaple of Christ. He was an expert communicator, and he spoke his mind. He did so without hesitancy because He knew His mind was fixed on things above. When we have our focus straight and our heart's are genuinely right with God we need not fear honest communication, hurtful words will not come unless they are ordained by God. It leaves us then with the question, what then holds us back from honest open communication. Is it really us not understanding the other person or is it us holding back fearing the sincerity (or lack there of) in our heart?